Sunday, August 20, 2017

14th Hole Bunker Rebuild

There was a long trench bunker left of the 14th green that we had been itching to rebuild for some time.  The bunker had fallen into a state of disrepair with low quality grass encroaching.

There was also a section of the cart path left of the green that we felt would make the 14th look and play better if it was grassed over.  There was a plan in place to remove the post & cable fence along Lincoln because it looked bad and the frayed cable can be a hazard.  We decided that the fence posts could add new flair to the 14th.  The fence was ripped out and away we went.

Our skid steer is on its last legs and broke down during prep work, but Westmoreland CC saved the day and loaned us theirs (thank you Superintendent Todd Fyffe), with an assist from our John Deere rep Dave Kloss.  We were also able to borrow a sod cutter from Bryn Mawr CC (thank you Superintendent Brian Bossert) to prep the area.  Our Assistant Super John Lee went to work on prepping the cart path and Jason Way laid out the new bunkers.

We had a stellar crew of golf geek volunteers show up to help with digging out the bunkers, sinking the sleepers, reshaping the path area, and laying sod.  Many thanks to Quinn, Andy, Peter, Brad, Ray, Graylyn, Tony and John.  Thanks also to John and Nick from our staff for putting in extra time on Saturday to assists us.

We are excited about the finished product.  What was once quite bland is now far from it.  Once the bunker sand is in and the sod has established enough that we can mow it, it should look and play great.

Two important notes for our players:

Cart traffic should now head around the green to the right to get to the 15th tee.  Even after the sod is established and we begin mowing it down to fairway height, this cart traffic pattern will be permanent.  No carts left of the green.

The bunkers are open for play as soon as we can fill them with sand.  The entire sodded area left of the green is ground under repair.  Players whose balls end up in this area get a free drop in the fairway.  We appreciate our players respecting this ground under repair designation.  Walking on the sod doesn't disturb it, but playing shots from it will keep the grass from firmly taking root.  When we can begin mowing this area, it will be open for play.

We hope you enjoy the new 14th.  On to next project...